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postoperative care 


When you undergo a SAFE Liposculpt (with or without BBL) with Dr. Mosca we strongly encourage you undergo at least 15-20 lymphatic massage sessions postoperatively starting the day after your procedure.  Dr. Mosca recommends a more aggressive regimen of massages starting your first week (around 5-6 massages) and a slow taper as the weeks progress.  This means you do 1 massage less per week until week five to six postop. Dr. Mosca encourages patient to use the lymphatic massage therapists available in conjuction with Strax Aesthetics postop care and Dr. Shape. We also recommend several postop recovery massage therapists throughout the Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties.  


Lymphatic Massages

When you undergo a surgical procedure with Dr. Kevin Mosca you will be following up with the doctor at strategically scheduled intervals. Each procedure has a different set of followup obligations, restrictions, and timing to ensure your perfect recovery. You will be given a set of postoperative instructions specific to each procedure at the time of your surgery.  Please read over and follow them as closely as possible to ensure a quality recovery

Postoperative Garments

After undergoing most procedures with Dr. Mosca, you will be required to purchase and wear certain postoperative recovery compression garments (fajas) in order to prevent bleeding and encourage proper molding/shaping of the body’s areas that were operated on.  This can be as simple as a surgical bra after a breast procedure, or a series of low to high compression garments, foams, boards and accessories for a liposculpting procedure (with and without BBL). For all of your garment needs, Dr. Mosca recommends the Dr. Shape products postoperatively, as they have been personally designed and inspected around Dr. Mosca’s needs postoperatively. 

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