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breast aug | MASTOPEXY

A breast augmentation with Mastopexy, or lift is a procedure in which the surgeon places a prosthesis under the muscle or above the muscle underneath the sub glandular tissue and rearranges the breast tissue to a more aesthetically youthful shape as it may have dropped with age or breastfeeding.  This procedure is typically necessary when breast volume is needed In addition to lifting the breast tissue.

What are the benefits of a breast aug/lift?


By decreasing the amount of sagging skin and filling the breast up with an implant while tightening the tissue the breast will now appear more youthful and perky

Improve shape and projection of sagging

Lifting the breast up and increasing the volume to improve the overall appearance

Reverse effects of childbearing

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding can leave the breasts with loose fatty tissue void of it’s previous firm perkiness.

Breast lift vs breast augmentation?

What you need to remember is that “augment” means to add to, or make bigger. A Mastopexy is a breast lift or breast tightening procedure that tightens up a breast that has a loose skin envelope.

Can I have this procedure without visible scars?

All breast lifts involve scarring.

What type of lifts Does Dr.Mosca perform?

Dr. Mosca typically performs a full mastopexy in anyone who needs a lift.  This involves the “anchor” scar pattern. If the patient suffers from Tuberous Breast deformity, Dr. Mosca may perform a Benelli, or circumareolar breast lift only and avoid the vertical scar.  

Can breast lift with implants provide symmetrical breasts
  • Symmetry in breasts is always tricky. No part of our bodies are mirror images. Second, while asymmetry in the breasts can be the result of asymmetry in breast size, breast shape or breast position, it can also be the result of asymmetry in the chest wall, the ribs or a scoliosis (a curvature of the spine). 

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